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We have had lots of snow and cold weather during the first month of 2024! We plan in advance for these occurrences and thought you might like to know the process we use to keep up with a typical Wisconsin winter at MacFarlane Pheasants. Read More »

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We sell many mature pheasants every year because the demand for high-quality pheasants is strong. We are pleased to provide these mature pheasants to our customers, and are grateful for their continued support of our business. The demand for MacFarlane Pheasants’ birds is constant, and our employees work hard to provide our clientele with great birds and service. We have shipped approximately 240,000 mature pheasants so far this year and deliveries will continue into March 2024. MacFarlane Pheasants’ drivers make deliveries all over the United States and Canada. There are two drivers on these long trips so that we can get our pheasants to their new owners without delay. Read More »

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Since starting the Milton Farm, located in Milton, Wisconsin, we have had great success. Brett Hammon, our farm manager, has provided us with an update for January 2024! MacFarlane Pheasants has been blessed with employees who work hard, communicate well, and demonstrate the skills necessary to raise our beautiful pheasants. We appreciate his help in sharing this update. Read More »

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Troy Cisewski, our Director of Production at MacFarlane Pheasants was excited to share the changes to one of our barns at our MoPhe farm in Missouri. Our manager at MoPhe, Shane Smith, and his staff recently completed renovations, and a new breeder barn was born! Construction on the breeder facility began at the start of July 2023 with the removal of cages in the barn. Shane organized the removal of a wall separating two halves of the large barn. We installed tunnel fans, a water system, and a feed system. Next, the crew repositioned the lights to provide adequate lighting for this large area. Breeders for the 2024 season were placed in our remodeled space on October 9, 2023. The barn will hold 2600 breeder hens for egg collection. Read More »

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Demand in our Pure Pheasant Pet Food Department has increased by15% this year. We knew customer interest would continue to grow as they learned the benefits of our natural pet food for their furry friends! Our pet food products are 100% natural and don’t contain any fillers or colors. Read More »

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We use Grow Gel with our newborn chicks at MacFarlane Pheasants because it provides immediate hydration and nutrition. Grow Gel is a powder mixed with water to form a gel-like substance. It has a bright green color that attracts the chicks to the feed source. Read More »

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MacFarlane Pheasants is going through some growth opportunities, now that we’ve sold what was considered our “main” farm. Changes are being made, and pens are being added at a frenetic pace. As mentioned before (but please note when sending anything through the mail), our physical store has closed, and our office staff has moved to 1609 Center Avenue. Our Oak Hill farm is still fully operational with 22 acres of flight pens. That is where we also moved our new break room. We recently bought land from a farmer that is contiguous to our farm, which enabled us to build enough pens to hold 65,000 pheasants and partridges. And we’re currently working with the city to create an enhanced hatchery. All these exciting events were a reason to show off our farm! Read More »

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French Red-legged partridges have been a popular choice for game hunters in the UK for many years. We have sold them for approximately 14 years at MacFarlane Pheasants. Hunting clubs across the United States appreciate having these interesting and high-flying partridges available for release because they add a real challenge to the hunt because of their flight and speed. We have been hatching the Red-legged partridge eggs, secured from France, since around 2009. To bring the eggs into the United States, we must apply for an import permit with the federal government three weeks before shipment. Upon approval, the eggs go to Chicago, where the U.S. Fish & Wildlife examines the eggs for clearance into the United States. We sell the French Red-legged partridges only as mature birds because of the work it takes to get the eggs here. We raise about 40,000 Red legs each year, and they are shipped to customers between August and the end of December. Red-legged partridges don’t do well in extreme cold and snow. We have customers who hold them indoors through the cold months and release them for spring hunts. The partridges we raise are known for their wild and flighty characteristics. They are rotund birds with light brown backs, grey breasts, and buff bellies. Their faces are white with a black patch of color at the throat. They have streaked flanks and red legs and make excellent early-season birds. To get more information about the French Red-Leg, you can contact Sarah at [email protected]. Read More »

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