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Maintenance is Top Priority As We Prepare for Deliveries From MacFarlane Pheasants

Our Maintenance Department does a complete inspection of our leased trucks before they leave the farm for deliveries. Each inspection follows the Department of Transportation guidelines. We start with a walk-around review that looks for leaks, dents, or other damage. We check the muffler, tire pressure, wheels, lights, doors, windows, and mirrors. Our next procedure involves an under-the-hood inspection. We check the oil, radiator, and all fluids. The battery connections, drive belt, hoses and wires are inspected. We start the engine to ensure gauges, wipers, horns, defroster, emergency brakes, steering, lifts, and back-up beepers are in perfect condition. At the end of our complete inspection we ensure that the fire extinguisher and first aid kit are full and included. The seat belt cutter, reflectors, seatbelts and handrails are examined for security and condition. All repairs are made before our trucks leave MacFarlane Pheasants.

The Maintenance Department is responsible for making sure we are compliant with all state and federal guidelines. This is a very important component for ensuring that deliveries leave and arrive on time!

  • International Fuel Tax reporting and licensing

  • DOT certifications and compliance for our fleet and all drivers

  • Hours of Service regulations and exemptions

  • State Road tax filings

  • Length and weight permits

  • Canadian carbon tax filings

We sandblast and paint our trailers every few years to prevent rust. They go to a local shop where the mechanics give each trailer a DOT inspection which is required to operate the trailers across the United States.

The trucks go to our Penske dealer for routine maintenance. If someone breaks down on the road, they call the Penske dealer, who refers them to the Penske dealer located near them or a truck shop in the area of the breakdown. We have great drivers who communicate and problem solve with our maintenance staff and customers if they have break-downs on the road. Since our Maintenance Department employees are so diligent with their inspections we seldom have problems completing our deliveries safely and on time.

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