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Favorites From MacFarlane Pheasants’ Online Store

On July 12, 2022 in Dressed by spope

Many delicious food products are available at MacFarlane Pheasants, but I want to tell you about my favorites. Pheasant Pie, Pheasant Bratwurst, Whole Pheasant with rice, and ground pheasant. I chose these pheasant foods because they are easy to prepare and nutritious.

Let me start by telling you about nutrition. First, pheasant is considered white meat, and we all know that white meat has less fat and fewer calories. A cup of diced pheasant meat will provide 52%DV (daily value) Vitamin B6 and 53%DV of Niacin, 15%DV of Riboflavin, and 17%DV of Vitamin B12. Only 346 calories are in a cup of diced pheasant. There are many more nutrients in pheasant meat, but I just wanted to share the vitamin content that impressed me the most!

Ground Pheasant Burgers

Ground pheasant makes delicious burgers and can be substituted in any casserole dish. It is one of my favorite burgers on the grill during the grilling months, which can last year-round for many folks! 

Pheasant Brats

Brats at MacFarlane Pheasants are designed for the connoisseur of brats. There are four delicious flavors for your grill or pan-frying. You can choose Mushroom Swiss, Beer Cheddar, Jalapeño Cheddar, or Classic. For our friends who need (or opt) to be gluten-free, Classic and Mushroom Swiss are fantastic options.

The Pheasant Pie

The Pheasant Pie is the easiest pheasant dish because it comes to you ready for baking. Pinterest has a recipe for homemade pheasant pie with MacFarlane Pheasant, but personally, I love the ease of baking a ready-made pie prepared with MacFarlane love. The taste is out of this world! I highly recommend this pie that serves four easily.

Pheasant Meat Cuts with Rice & Grilling Sauce

Lastly, the whole pheasant with rice and grilling sauce is super easy and a gourmet delight. You can cut the pheasant into pieces and season it in about 15 minutes. Season the pieces with paprika, salt, and pepper and then brush them with melted butter. Place it on a medium-high grill and cook for about 15-20 minutes while basting with your grilling sauce. Grill your meat for approximately 15 minutes more at medium heat. Keep turning occasionally and basting throughout the grilling process.

Prepare your rice and choice of vegetable on the stove and enjoy every last bite of this yummy pheasant meat. One whole pheasant should serve 3-4 people.

Please visit us online for recipes, our free cookbook, and ordering. You can choose from my favorites or experiment with some of our recipes. Please let us know about your discoveries by responding to our blog post.


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