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MacFarlane Pheasants In The Media

We love talking about the farm as well as anything and everything pheasants. Here you will find us sharing our knowledge, history, and other information about MacFarlane Pheasants.


Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News: Raising Pheasants Podcast

Owner Bill MacFarlane shares how his family established their pheasant farm, how he joined the business, and what MacFarlane Pheasants does today.



Workers packing MacFarlane pheasants

MacFarlane's workers are up to their (ring)necks in pheasants

The Janesville Gazette explores the food production side of MacFarlane Pheasants.



Workers packing MacFarlane pheasants

Journeys of Discovery: Exploring Historic Janesville, Wisconsin

Thomas Wilmer visits the farm and learns all about how we got started and how we've grown to be one of the top pheasant farms in the world.



Workers packing MacFarlane pheasants

Ag Matters 4/13/19

Host Jim Raymond talks with Bill MacFarlane and General Manager Sarah Pope about the MacFarlane story as well as raising pheasants and how they import partridges from France.