Feed Consulting Services From MacFarlane Pheasants

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Feed Consulting Services

Here at MacFarlane’s we want to share our passion for all things pheasant with you. Therefore, we always offer our feed consulting services to all. We will provide you with the best practices for contracting and purchasing your pheasant feed, help you find what kind of feed best suits your needs, and discuss with you the appropriate nutrient and protein levels.

In all actuality, the difference between a high quality, more expensive feed, and a lower quality feed, comes down to merely nickels over the course of a bird’s lifetime. While this difference does not have a dramatic effect on your bank account, it significantly affects whether or not you produce a top quality bird. Our key to success is a formula consisting of the perfect feed blend, maintaining recommended densities, quality vegetative cover, and the established MacFarlane genetics.

Feel free to call, email, or use the form below to contact our office and the staff will be more than happy to provide you with help and guidance. If you have questions regarding your current feed, simply send in your feed ticket and we will provide an analysis of it for you.


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