MacFarlane Pheasants Featured on Public Television

Published On: January 4, 2019Categories: Conservation, Media

Inga Witscher and her husband Orth operate an organic dairy farm in Osseo, Wisconsin. Inga is also the host of a Public Television program called Around the Farm Table. MacFarlane Pheasants was featured on the program on December 13, 2018. What an honor it was for us! (Click here to watch the episode filmed at MacFarlane Pheasants titled “Book club lunch with author John Hildebrand” )

While searching for more information about the host, an article by author Elena Montanye caught my eye.  It was in the Daily Shakedown out of Chippewa Valley. This quote from Inga explains, in part, why MacFarlane’s was so excited about being chosen to appear on the series.

 “…the farmers she features on Around the Farm Table have one thing in common-they strive to create healthier, nutrient dense food while feeding the soils and conserving the land for the next generations.”

It is amazing how so much information can be covered in a few minutes of time. Inga toured the farm and then visited with the owner, Bill MacFarlane. The camera crew captured great footage of the Ringnecked Pheasants at the farm. When you watch the program, you will find out:

1.     How MacFarlane’s originated in 1929.

2.     How pheasants first arrived in the United States.

3.     Where pheasant can be hunted.

4.     The importance of habitat.

5.     The cost of raising pheasants.

6.     Who can buy live pheasants from MacFarlane’s?

7.     What is the market for pheasant meat?

8.     What is the Conservation Reserve Program?

We hope you will take the opportunity to watch the episode filmed at MacFarlane Pheasants titled “Book Club lunch with author John Hildebrand” with Inga Witscher. It was a fun experience for everyone at the farm and we think you will enjoy getting to know Inga!

Click here to watch episodes of Around the Farm Table

Chicks, Chicks, And More Chicks!
Life on MacFarlane Pheasants’ Milton, Wisconsin Farm

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