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Life on MacFarlane Pheasants’ Milton, Wisconsin Farm

On December 14, 2018 in Mature Birds by spope

Our Milton farm has about 40 acres under nets. We have three brooding barns and raised about 72,000 pheasants this year. We predominately raise the Kansas strain. What we call Kansas birds were bred and developed by the late Bernie Janssen, a longtime gamebird farmer from Kansas. Bernie bred his birds to have blue backs. The Kansas birds are a small pheasant - the cocks weigh 2.25 - 2.4 lbs. and the hens weigh 1.4 - 1.7 lbs.  at maturity. The birds have a very erect posture. 


Farm Facts:


1.     We communicate daily with the main Janesville farm to coordinate shipping plans, general farm flow plans, and staffing needs.

2.     There are five staff on the Milton farm.

3.     We call, text, and email with staff at the Janesville farm. Brian Davis, the farm manager attends a weekly meeting on the Janesville farm.

4.     During the brooding season we take care of barns and as birds move outside, we spend our time caring for them in that location.

5.     Labor assistance from the Janesville farm is a phone call away, if needed.  Our staff is also called to assist in Janesville when needed.

6.     This time of year we have around 32,00 birds on site. We are busy making sure they are all fed and watered. We also assist the breeder selection crew and move birds earmarked for breeding to other facilities.

7.     Our crew also cares for taxidermy graded birds and this is the harvest season.

8.     As birds leave the farm, we focus on preparing for next season and making improvements to our barns.


If you would like to know more about the Milton Farm, please feel free to email Brian at

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