A Journey of Expansion: Jim Clark’s Legacy & Our New 16 Acres of Pheasant Pens

Published On: June 12, 2024Categories: Construction, Flight Pens

At MacFarlane Pheasants, we pride ourselves on growth and innovation. Recently, we completed a significant expansion with the construction of 16 acres of new pheasant pens. This project is not just a testament to our commitment to improving our facilities but also a celebration of the incredible expertise and dedication of Jim Clark, a long-time consultant and key figure in the pheasant farming community.

Jim Clark: A Legacy in Pheasant Farming

Jim Clark’s journey in the pheasant business is deeply rooted in family tradition and personal experience. Like Bill MacFarlane, Jim is a second-generation pheasant farm owner. Born into the industry, Jim grew up on Blonhaven, a pheasant farm and hunt club in Milton, established by his parents in 1945.

At the young age of 26, he took over Blonhaven from his parents and successfully managed it for 34 years. Today, Blonhaven is known as MacFarlane’s Milton Farm, which Jim still owns and now leases to MacFarlane Pheasants.

Throughout his career, Jim honed his skills in building pheasant pens, starting in his youth and perfecting the process over decades. His expertise became invaluable to MacFarlane Pheasants when he began consulting with us in 2013. Jim has been a valuable consultant for us over the years.  He started our Canadian distribution business, visited customers when they had problems, and took deliveries in the fall.

Expanding Our Horizons: The 2023 and 2024 Pen Construction Projects

Jim’s recent contributions to MacFarlane Pheasants have been particularly impactful. In 2023, he spearheaded the construction of 20 acres of pheasant pens, and in 2024, he returned to build an additional 16 acres. These new pens are strategically placed between the River Road Pens and west of the Oak Hill Pens, enhancing our capacity and efficiency.

Starting in early April and finishing by mid-May, Jim managed this extensive project with remarkable efficiency. Over 43 days, the team worked tirelessly, following Jim’s schedule and high standards. Working alongside a dedicated team of three workers, six days a week, from 7 AM to 4:30 PM, Jim led the construction process with precision.

Jim often started his days at 5:30 AM and worked until 8:15 PM to oversee every detail and prepare for the day ahead. Jim’s leadership style demands full production mode from his crew, expecting them to “hit the ground running” each day.

The process of building the pens was comprehensive and meticulous. It began with digging the trenches for the side wire and then installing the brace cables that are the trusses for each individual pen. The team then installed the siding and buried it, rolled out the top netting, and rang and stretched it out. The most time-consuming tasks, such as stapling the netting and wiring, required patience and attention to detail.

Support and Coordination: A Team Effort

Jim expressed his gratitude for the other managers at MacFarlane Pheasants, saying their coordination and provision of equipment like skid loaders, tractors, and a reliable Ford flatbed truck were very helpful in the project’s success.

He also credits the team’s strong work ethic and dedication, who worked tirelessly to meet the tight deadline and ensure that everything was built to the highest standards.

Looking Forward: A Bright Future

As we continue to expand and innovate, we are grateful for Jim’s invaluable contributions. Jim plans for this extensive project to be the last big undertaking of his career. With a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, he looks forward to spending the upcoming summer traveling and enjoying quality time with his wife, Cindy Kase.

The future of MacFarlane Pheasants looks brighter than ever, thanks to the dedication and skill of individuals like Jim Clark. For a deeper look into our operations and the dedicated team behind MacFarlane Pheasants’ success, follow our blog for regular updates.

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