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Troy Cisewski, our Director of Production at MacFarlane Pheasants was excited to share the changes to one of our barns at our MoPhe farm in Missouri. Our manager at MoPhe, Shane Smith, and his staff recently completed renovations, and a new breeder barn was born! Construction on the breeder facility began at the start of July 2023 with the removal of cages in the barn. Shane organized the removal of a wall separating two halves of the large barn. We installed tunnel fans, a water system, and a feed system. Next, the crew repositioned the lights to provide adequate lighting for this large area. Breeders for the 2024 season were placed in our remodeled space on October 9, 2023. The barn will hold 2600 breeder hens for egg collection. Read More »

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Raising breeder hens to produce the chicks and eggs that are an enormous part of our business is a process we have refined over many years. In the past, we raised most of our breeders outside, but currently we keep only 5% in outdoor pens. The rest of our breeders are kept inside year-round for various reasons. Read More »

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Lodewyk Davis (Wikus) has worked at MacFarlane Pheasants for five years. He has been the proud manager of the Milton Farm in Milton, WI, for three years, and we can thank him for sharing Milton Farm facts with us this week. We have two farms located in Milton, one we just call “The Milton Farm” and the other is a little further down the road and we call that “Doug’s farm” (it’s the surname of the owner we rent from). We have four barns, two pens on the Milton home farm, and another four at Doug’s farm. Read More »

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Production Manager Troy Cisewski shared his appreciation for returning South African workers at MacFarlane Pheasants and the four new workers he supervises at the breeder farm. Read More »

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If you want to raise healthy chicks, every function in the barns where they are raised must be in excellent operating condition. Barn maintenance is the first step in preparing for the chick season. MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. employees go through the barns carefully each season to prepare for the chick season. Listed below are 30 steps they take during this process. Read More »

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Steps We Take to Reduce Stress in Breeder Hens Read More »

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Pheasant mating is triggered by the longer spring days. The roosters’ pituitary glands become active at this time and the hormones produced cause the roosters to have the physiological desire to mate. At MacFarlane Pheasant Farms we have a select group of breeders, so of course we don’t want the pheasants we are growing for mature sales, to breed. Read More »