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The gamebird industry is changing in significant ways due to the many risks that are involved in raising birds. The economy, weather and  the Avian Influenza outbreaks that have happened throughout the world In the past five years have impacted the gamebird industry in many ways. Gamebird producers have witnessed a change in both supply and demand for birds.  Bird producers who have thought about expanding their businesses have decided not to, or at least to think about that decision as the risk is greater. In previous years, people who are ordering hunting birds have been able to contact producers at the end of the season and buy them for $6 each, expecting producers to have overproduced. Now producers are taking orders in advance and only planning on raising the number of birds for which they have orders. Read More »

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While I don’t remember my first hunt, I’ve heard my grandparents tell the story a thousand times.One September morning, my grandpa took me to the back 40 acres to shoot a dove or two when I was six. As we walked up to the pond on the backside of his property, a morning dove was sitting in a tree. I took aim, pulled the trigger, and excitedly went to see if I could find it! Little did I know I had missed entirely, and my grandpa tried telling me, but I was convinced I had just harvested my first bird. And sure enough, I found a dead bird near the tree! I proudly walked back to my grandparent's house with bird in hand to show my grandma I had shot dinner. As the story goes, I showed the bird to Granny, and her eyes got huge because I was holding a bird that had been dead for at least a week or longer. Read More »

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