Seminar 2000

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Seminar 2000

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. presented their "2nd International Pheasant Management Seminar" from February 27 through March 3 of 2000. The seminars touched on a variety of subjects and offered chances for those starting and those in the business to learn from almost 70 years of gamebird business experience.

Activities included presentations by veterinarians and professionals on gamebird breeding, bird health, and general management practices; discussion and exchange of ideas; and an extensive tour of MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. The seminars have more than helped those who have attended.

The following people spoke at the seminar:

 Speaker Topic 
Curt Sheffield, Chick Manager  Chukar Partridge Management
Richard Stevens, Hen Barn Manager  Breeder Selection
Brian Check, Assistant Chick Manager  Hungarian Partridge Management
Dr. Gorica Spasojevic, D.V.M., M.S., A.C.P.V.  Troubleshooting Hatchery Problems
Dr. Rade Spasojevic, D.V.M., PhD.,M.S., A.C.P.V.  Disease Control
Chris Theisen, Pen Manager  Pheasant Pen Management
Dr. Dan Weinstock, D.V.M.  Parasitic Poultry Diseases
Dr. Dan Weinstock, D.V.M.  Gamebird Diseases
Ben Lawton, Hatchery Manager  Bio-Security
Dr. Rade Spasojevic, D.V.M., PhD., M.S., A.C.P.V.  Improvement Process on a Poultry Farm
Jim Clark, Blonhaven Game Farm Common Sense Operation of a Commercial Game Bird Farm
Greg Martinelli, Cargill, Inc. Feeding Gamebirds
Dr. Richard Schambow, D.V.M. Interstate and Oversea Shipment of Gamebirds
Bill Brandel, Breeder Manager Breeder Management & Egg Washing
Jesse Steurer, Assistant Chick Manager Pheasant Chick Management


Tours included:

  • Mac Farlane Pheasant Farm, Janesville, WI
  • Wern Valley Hunting Club, Waukesha, WI

Seminar Schedule

Monday February 28

8:00 am  MacFarlane Farm Tour
11:45 am  Lunch at El Jardin
2:00 pm  Tour of Wern Valley Hunting Preserve

Tuesday February 29

8:30 am   Seminar Sessions
12:00 pm   Lunch
1:10 pm  Seminar Sessions

Wednesday March 1

8:30 am  Seminar Sessions
 12:00 pm Lunch at World Buffet
1:15 pm  Seminar Sessions