Seminar 1998

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Seminar 1998

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. presented their "1st International Pheasant Management Seminar" on March 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of 1998. The seminars touched on a variety of subjects and offered chances for those starting and those in the business to learn from almost 70 years of gamebird business experience.

Activities included presentations by veterinarians and professionals on gamebird breeding, bird health, and general management practices; discussion and exchange of ideas; and an extensive tour of MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. The seminars have more than helped those who have attended.

The following people spoke at the seminar in 1998:

  • Dr. Radivoje (Rade) Spasojevic, D.V.M., PhD., M.S., A.C.P.V. Veterinarian with Sparboe Companies, Litchfield, MN.
  • Dr. Gorica Rajcic-Spasojevic, D.V.M., M.S., A.C.P.V. Embryologist with Willmar Poultry Company, Willmar, MN.
  • Dr. Richard Decker, D.V.M.Retired Avian Pathologist, Madison, WI.
  • Dr. Richard Schambow, D.V.M Local mobile vet who has served as Mac Farlane’s farm veterinarian since 1987.
  • Dr. Dan Weinstock, D.V.M., PhD. Veterinarian at the Animal Diagnostic Lab, Penn State University..
  • William MacFarlane: President of Mac Farlane Pheasant Farm.
  • Ben Lawton: Hatchery Manager for Mac Farlane Pheasant Farm.
  • Richard Stevens: Mac Farlane Pheasant Farm Assistant Hatchery Manager & Brooding Consultant.
  • Wayne L. Wendorf: Sales/Nutritional Consultant for Nutrena Feeds, Div. Of Cargill; former owner of Garver Feed & Supply .

Tours included:

  • Mac Farlane Pheasant Farm, Janesville, WI
  • Eastman Hunt Club, Edgerton, WI.
  • Wern Valley Hunting Club, Waukesha, WI
  • General Motors Assembly Plant, Janesville, WI

Seminar Schedule

Monday March 2

8:00 am  MacFarlane Farm Tour - Hatchery, & Hen Barn (artificial insemination)      
11:30 am  Lunch at Rice Bowl     
1:30 pm  Holiday Inn – Seminar meetings  Dr. Rade Spasojevic - Mycoplasma Reduction Program Ben Lawton - Biosecurity & Pheasant Breeder Selection 


Tuesday March 3

8:00 am   Holiday Inn – Seminar meetings Dr. Gorica Spasojevic - Incubation: How it Affects the Health of Chicks   Dr. Richard Decker - Avian Pathology Richard Stevens - Brooding Chicks 
12:30 pm   Lunch at Holiday Inn      
2:00 pm   Leave for tour of Eastman Hunt Club      

Wednesday March 4

8:00 am  Microtel Inn – Seminar meetings Wayne Wendorf - Feed Formulation for Game Birds  Dr. Richard Schambow - Interstate & Export Health Requirements  William MacFarlane - Covered Pen Construction, Planting & Setup  Dr. Dan Weinstock - Preventing Coccidiosis 
 12:30 pm Pizza catered into the seminar room         
1:30 pm  Wern Valley Hunt Club Tour        


Thursday March 5

9:00 am  General Motors Plant Tour 
12:00 pm  Leave for Chicago