Pheasant Recipes & Other Wild Game Recipes

Culinary Highlights

One type of the relationship MacFarlane Pheasants has worked hard to foster during its many years of operation is with Chefs across the country. One Chef who has maintained a relationship with us is Chef David Nelson, who created a website for those in the culinary industry called Here's a bit of his biography:

Chef David Nelson David began his career in 1971, at the age of fourteen, as a dishwasher at a small Country Inn in New Hampshire where he grew up. After High School, he went through "basic training" at Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 1983, he settled in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He continued his education in a Resort Management program in the local branch of The Colorado Mountain College system and ultimately ended up as a part time instructor there. Certified as an instructor with AH&MA, he taught courses in Food Production, Food and Beverage Control and Purchasing for the Hospitality Industry. He also served on the Advisory Board as an industry representative to provide expertise and guidance in the development of the Resort Management Degree Program.

In 1991, David left the kitchens for a few years and became a corporate chef/sales associate, specializing in the sales of wild game and specialty foods. This opportunity allowed him to travel around the country, meeting chefs from all types of restaurants. He has taught cooking classes, been a guest chef in various parts of the country, given seminars on the benefits of serving wild game at Colorado State University, and has won numerous cooking competitions. His credits or recipes have been acknowledged in national and regional publications, such as Cooking Light magazine, Restaurant News of the Rockies and Food Arts. And he recently had two wild game soup recipes published in Janie Hibler's cookbook, Wild about Game.