MacFarlane Pheasant Featured at EnoVino

Published On: March 16, 2020Categories: Community, Dressed Pheasants

Bill and Dori MacFarlane dined at the beautiful Eno Vino Wine Bar and Bistro in downtown Madison, Wisconsin on Valentine’s Day, 2020. They were delighted with the warm and friendly service and the outstanding preparation of the 5-course meal that included MacFarlane pheasant! Eno Vino is a beautiful restaurant. It has floor to ceiling windows and dramatic views of the Capital. The chef, the bar manager, the servers and the food were magnificent.

The Five-Course Menu


Arugula, spinach, marinated figs, crispy prosciutto, reggiano, lemon herb vinaigrette

Standard and Elite Wine pairings


Seared Scallops, carrots & Squash, tarragon beurre blanc, crispy leek, micro green salad

Standard and Elite Wine pairings


MacFarlane pheasant breast, brie fondue, Chardonnay poached apricots, stone fruit glaze, amaranth

Standard and Elite Wine Pairings


Chateaubriand, pangritata crusted twice-baked potato, bearnaise, broccolini

Standard and Elite Wine pairing


Raspberry and chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, mint sugar, Chambord glaze

Perfectly paired with Warre’s Ruby Port-Portugal

There were 3 seatings for the meal. Bill and Dori attended the 7:00 meal. While they were waiting for the first seating to complete their meals, the 7:00 guests were escorted to the lounge area, where they were greeted by a photographer taking Polaroids. Each guest was offered a bubbly Prosecco cocktail to enjoy, while they waited to be seated.

Bill and Dori were seated near the windows with a lovely view of the Capital. Each guest was given an “Amuse Bouche” of tuna, mango, cilantro salsa, wasabi aioli, and citrus caviar paired with Campo Viejo Can Brut from San Sebastian, Spain.

Most five-course meals open with the amuse-bouche (or amuse gueule, depending on whom you ask) a dish that can be eaten in one bite and should ideally excite and prepare the palate for the dinner to come.

Bill chose to have a margarita instead of the wine pairings because Ty, the bar manager at the downtown Eno Vino “makes them perfectly.” Dori chose the wine pairings and said that they perfectly complemented each entree.

Love was in the air for Valentine’s dinner at Eno Vino. Every course was fantastic and served with precision. The server took the time to describe each course and was outstanding in every aspect of pampering the guests.

Let us end the description of Valentine’s at Eno Vino’s with Dori’s description of the MacFarlane Pheasant: “The pheasant they served was so moist and delicious. I don’t know how they did it, cooking so many at once and serving the guests in such a timely manner. The chardonnay poached apricots gave the pheasant just enough tang. The entire meal was scrumptious!” Thank you, Eno Vino for a great night.”

Whole Raw PheasantWoodman’s Grocery Stores Selling MacFarlane Pheasant Meat!
Photo of Pheasants in Flight PenPeepers Protect Pheasants!

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