Celebrating Blackhawk Technical College Culinary Program and Chef Joe Wollinger

Published On: October 30, 2018Categories: Dressed Pheasants

Chef Joe, is the title students in the Blackhawk Technical College Culinary Program  (BTC) have given to the instructor who prepares them to be line cooks, prep cooks, and executive chefs.  Chef Joe Wollinger has been a culinary arts instructor at Blackhawk Tech for 30 years and during those years, in addition to teaching culinary arts skills, he has offered students experiences that are unique to his specific skills and interests. In addition to teaching culinary arts, Chef Joe owns and operates an organic farm and has a special interest in teaching students to prepare organic foods. Many of the foods used in the program come from Chef Joe’s farm. MacFarlane Pheasants, like other farms in the area, also donate fresh foods to the culinary program.

In fact, Pheasant Breast Chasseur was a main dish choice served at the first luncheon prepared by BTC students and served at the Armory in Janesville, WI. on October 9, 2018. Diners that came were able to choose from main dishes that included: Pheasant Breast Chasseur, Bolognese, Wheat Salad, or Ratatoullie with Short Rib.  The meals were prepared by students while Chef Joe Wollinger and Chef Rob Patrick supervised.  This first luncheon was so successful that the other three luncheons were immediately sold out.

Menus have not been finalized for the next three lunches to be prepared and served at the Armory, but the dates are finalized for Oct 30, Nov. 13, and Dec. 4. These luncheons will contain main dish choices from the culinary program’s entree curriculum, a variety of vegetables, starches, and sauces to give students an opportunity to prepare many types of foods. Guests can be assured that all foods will be fresh because of Chef Joe’s dedication to locally grown organic food.

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