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Red Legged Partridges Are A Beautiful and Exciting Choice for Game Bird Farms

On October 25, 2018 in Mature Birds by MacFarlane Staff

Game Bird Farms fall in love with the French Red-legged Partridges because they are beautiful, exciting, and easily acclimate to their surroundings. French Red-legs have light brown backs, gray breasts, buff bellies, and of course, red legs.

The Red-Legs are a hearty bird with a low mortality rate and when they get into the fields, they are explosive flyers. These birds are flighty, high flying, and wild which makes for a very exciting hunt. Though we have been producing them for only about 9 years they have been bred for centuries on game farms in France and Italy. 

MacFarlane Pheasants has been importing eggs from France for about 9 years now and enjoys the challenge of hatching and raising these exciting birds. In 2018 we have sold 4272 more Red-leg Partridges than in 2017 because more and more people are fired up about including the Red-Legged Partridges in their hunts. We expect these numbers to continue to grow in the coming years. We sold 69,632 this year and I’m sorry to say, we are sold out for the year. We encourage you to plan ahead for 2019 and get your orders in early! Sarah Baker @ [email protected] would be happy to take your orders.

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