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Where Can You Find MacFarlane Pheasant Products?

On March 24, 2022 in Dressed by spope

We started by partnering with a brokerage company called Concept to further our goals of distributing our pheasant products to stores. The Concept partnership meant that we could get into Woodman’s in all locations and to more Piggly Wiggly stores.

Currently, we deliver our products straight to a distributing company called Certco in Madison. Certco is the hub distribution center for many retail stores. Once we provide products to them, Certco is in charge of delivering to all Woodman’s locations that want to sell our products. We have also acquired accounts such as Market Distributing, owned by Liari, and MPI (Festival Foods).

Thanks to the progression of these events, many of our customers can purchase their favorite pheasant products at most Woodman Grocery Stores in the Midwest, Piggly Wiggly, Coulborns, Cantoro’s Market in Michigan, The Inn and Trail Gourmet in Michigan, Blooms and Berries in Ohio, Festival Foods, and Basics Cooperative in Janesville, WI.

We hope you will visit a store close to you to buy our pheasant products. Please remember you can always visit our store in Janesville or purchase our products on-line if a local store does not yet carry our products. MacFarlane Pheasantsfood products are USDA approved, antibiotic-free and locally grown and processed. Pheasant meat is a leaner and healthier alternative to other meats, and though it has sometimes been saved for special occasions, it is the perfect choice for any day!

For reference, here is a list of stores that carry our products:

Woodmans - 19 locations

Trigs - 5 locations

Festival Foods - 35 locations

Evansville Piggly wiggly

Stinebrink’s group - 5 stores

Milton piggly Wiggly

Edgerton Piggly Wiggly

Millers stores - 2 stores

Coborns/Cashwise/Market Place - 52 stores

Kowalskis - 11 stores

Knowlans - 2 stores


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