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Delivering Pheasants for MacFarlane Pheasants

On February 15, 2019 in Archive by spope

MacFarlane delivery trailer truck

It wasn't long ago that MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. was looking for more drivers to deliver mature pheasants all over the United States and Canada. After a good response to ads and a significant increase in wages we were able to find excellent drivers. We started making deliveries in September and will finish up with our last deliveries for the season in March.

One of our new drivers, Connie Risch, provided some of the reasons why driving for Macfarlane Pheasants has been such a new and exciting part of her life. Connie had worked in the scrap industry for 25 years. After getting a CDL license in July, Connie applied for a truck driving job at MacFarlane Pheasants. She started driving in October. Since that time, Connie has traveled to South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Canada. She has nothing but gratitude and praise for MacFarlane Pheasants. Connie loves her job!

Every trip has been a two-person drive so she never feels stressed. Connie is loving the travel, meeting new people, being gone only 3-4 days a week and then having the rest of the week to be at home with her family. The pay is excellent. Like all of the drivers, Connie is paid $25 an hour from the time she clocks out and leaves for the delivery until she returns back to the farm (even while she sleeps.) The trucks are leased from Penske and all have sleeping accommodations so drivers do not have to pay for lodging while they are on the road.

MacFarlane delivery trailer truck

Typical Driving Schedule

8 hours on
8 hours off
2 hours on
2 hours off

Repeat until the delivery is made and you arrive back at the farm.

Maintenance Manager, Art Schumacher says that what has been instrumental in hiring drivers is the flexibility in schedules (drivers have a choice of times when they take on a delivery), the excellent pay, the excellent equipment, and the chance to see the beauty of the United States and Canada. Deliveries are in the countryside, not in the cities!

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