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The pheasants and other game birds we raise are an important asset to our farm. Virtually all of our expenses are related to their care and protection! Locking all our facilities and flight pens daily gives us peace of mind at the end of the day. Importance of Locking Gates and Doors Protection from human and animal predators trying to get into barns, pens, or buildings. Barn doors, pens, or gates can blow open, birds can escape, or brooder barns can chill, causing brooders to run constantly. Access is limited from people that shouldn’t be there, going into buildings. This is, among other concerns, a biosecurity problem. Locked doors protect expensive equipment in case of attempted break-ins. Read More »

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Mowing and trimming our property at MacFarlane Pheasants adds to the beauty of our property, but it isn’t the only reason we need a great mower. We hire two people to mow 40 hours a week because when you are dealing with as much land as we have and have game birds to protect, it takes a great deal of time. We have bothersome pests that would like nothing more than to sneak into our pens and barns through tall grasses! Read More »

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