Seminar 2012 | 8th Annual Seminar

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8th Bi-Annual International Pheasant Management Seminar

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. had the 8th International Pheasant Management Seminar from March 4th through  March 7th, 2012. There were presentations by veterinarians, professionals, and fellow gamebird producers on disease, breeding, health, brooding and much more. Extensive tours of the largest pheasant farm in the United States were also included with the seminar. 

2012 Guest Speakers

Here is a list of the professional speakers that presented at our seminar. 

'The Status of USDA Approval of Fenbendazole'
Dr. Ron Griffith

DVM, MS, Ph.D., North Central Region Coordinator from Iowa State University

'The Use of Distillers Grains in Poultry Feeds'
Dr. Sally Noll

Professor and Extension Poultry Specialist from University of Minnesota

'Disinfectant Basics: Choosing the Right One'
Harlan Schaefer

Best Vet Solutions in Iowa
'Gamebird Husbandry in France'
Olivier de Chevigne'

Sales and Logistic Manager from L'envol de Retz in France
'Gamebirds Skeletal Anatomy and Physiology'
Dr. Rob Porter

Veterinary Pathologist from University of Minnesota
'Water Quality and Management for Poultry'
Dr. Susan Watkins

Professor/Extension Specialist from University of Arkansas
' Aivlosin'
Dr. Alan Pearson

Green Lane Vet Centre in England
'Assessing Egg Quality in Breeders'
Dr. Keith Bramwell

Associate Professor from University of Arkansas
'Presentation on Blue Hill Gamebirds'
Mr. Don Montgomery

President/Owner of Blue Hill Gamebirds in Kansas
'Trapping Presentation'
Mr. Brian Klein

MacFarlane's Pen Manager
Predator Management
Mr. Jeff Spooner

MacFarlane's trapper.
 'Animal Husbandry in Game Birds'
Jeff May 

Regional Sales Manager - Dawe's Laboratories LLC

'A Safer Method to Control Infestations of the Northern Fowl Mite in Poultry'
Dr. Mark E. Berres

Assistant Professor of Avian Biology- UW-Madison

'The 1st Licensed Antibiotic for us in Pheasants with Mycoplasmosis Disease'
Steve Shaw

Territory Manager - ECO Animal Health Ltd. - Great Britain