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We are already looking forward to the return of chicks to our MacFarlane Pheasants’ Milton Farm, located in Milton, WI. During the brooding season, we take care of our pheasants in the barns, and as birds move outside, we spend our time caring for them in the pens. Before we know it, our pheasants have all been delivered, and our pens are empty. As the weather gets colder, we still have plenty to do winterizing and preparing for the next season! Read More »

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We have had lots of snow and cold weather during the first month of 2024! We plan in advance for these occurrences and thought you might like to know the process we use to keep up with a typical Wisconsin winter at MacFarlane Pheasants. Read More »

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How do you prepare for winter weather at your house? We have been cutting wood, bringing the lawn furniture inside, placing deterrents for mice around our exterior, changing furnace filters, etc. Winter in Wisconsin can be bitterly cold and snowy, and preparation for the weather is essential for Wisconsin homeowners and businesses. Trudy DeRemer, our Research Manager at MacFarlane Pheasants, agreed to share her process for preparing our Research barns for winter in Wisconsin. Read More »

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