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We have been busy reorganizing our buildings at MacFarlane Pheasants since the sale of property at what we called our "Main Farm." We plan to complete our moves by December 31, 2023. Our main office in Janesville, Wisconsin, has already moved to 1609 Center Avenue. Please send all office mail to that address. Our Oak Hill Farm in Janesville has 22 acres of flight pens that hold approximately 40,000 flight birds. Recently, we constructed pens west of Oak Hill that hold 65,000 mature pheasants and partridges! Our staff built these pens this summer to compensate for what we will lose on the original "Main Farm" site. We are currently in the process of building a break room at the Oak Hill site. The new break room is being built by remodeling an egg wash room. Work has commenced on this project, and we expect to have the space completed by the end of October 2023. Employee break rooms are an important part of any business. Providing an area in the workplace for team members is good for the staff, but it’s also beneficial for the company. Long-term productivity is often increased when the needs of employees are part of business planning. Employees are still using the break room on the "Main Farm" but will soon use the remodeled space at Oak Hill Farm. Read More »

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