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Introducing MacFarlane Pheasants’ QR Code

On August 30, 2023 in In the News, QR Codes by Bill MacFarlane



The QR Code portrayed in this article, developed by our receptionist, Emily Richter, is a real game-changer. We are looking forward to showing you how to access our websites and social media sites to make purchases easily, find out about events, and sign up for events like our Bi-Annual International Pheasant Management Seminars. You can scan the code directly from this article, which allows you to open all of your choices for exploration in Chrome!


You might be interested in knowing why we chose to move ahead with a QR code. The reasons are unlimited! For example, the QR code is a simple way of sharing changing prices, introducing new products, informing you about events, and sharing information about orders, waitlists, and delivery of our chicks and mature birds. We can also share job openings and other information about our business! The information we will provide through the QR code also helps customers with sight or hearing loss to have access to all of MacFarlane Pheasant’s information. We are incredibly proud that Emily looked at the needs of all our current and future customers when developing this link.


In most cases, you are not required to download an app to use our QR code. Typically, you take your smartphone and open your back camera. An option will pop up where you can open the link. Click on the choice and be amazed at the information we can provide you, all in one place. Some older phones may not have this function, so you may be required to download an app to scan the code.


There are a couple of ways we have been using the QR Code. In our store we used signage with the code. We also provide small cards, attached to customers receipts, that announce our store closing on one side and provide the QR code on the other side. We will continue to reach out to everyone who wants to access our business. This code in this article is a working code, so we encourage you to start exploring today and keep coming back, because there is always something new at MacFarlane Pheasants!

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