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Updates From MacFarlane Pheasants September 2023

On September 25, 2023 in Gamebirds, Hatchery, In the News, Live Birds by Bill MacFarlane

Flight Pens

A few weeks ago, we updated you about the 76 new flight pens we built on a new property we purchased. We are happy to say that our pens are currently full of our birds for the upcoming mature pheasant season.

Hatchery Plans

Ronnie Viljoen, our Hatchery Manager, reported that we have been planning for months to expand and modernize our hatchery with new technology because the demand for day-old chicks is very high. We have identified our new incubators. They are the Jamesway Platinum 3 Incubators. These incubators use intelligent software, conserve energy, increase efficiency in hatch rates, and are less labor intensive! We will be the first in the pheasant industry to use these incubators, and with the extra hatching space we are planning, we expect to raise 100’s of thousands more chicks.

Our Chick and Egg Sales Manager, Tassia Gonzalez, shared more powerful news for our customers. We will open the chick ordering system sometime in October this year, a month earlier than usual! We expect to have all breeds available and do not expect to need a waiting list because of our new and improved hatchery!

Wildfire Smoke

Our birds at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. are doing quite well and have not been affected by the smoke from this years’ wildfires. We are grateful. We have paid close attention to the wildfires in Canada the US over the past few months because we have concern for the habitats they have destroyed . The intensity of wildfires can affect both people and animal habitats. Tree regeneration, soil erosion, water quality, and respiratory systems of humans, birds, and other animals are just some of the dangers environmentalists worry about. Anyone who loves hunting or raising pheasants has followed the news for impacts of the current fires.

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