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Understanding End of Season Chick Sales

On August 10, 2017 in Chicks by spope

Each year we sell lots of chicks over the course of our main chick season from April to mid-August.  Consistently, our sales reach 1.5 million chicks by the end of the season! During the several months, when sales are booming, our staff is working long intensive days to take orders, prepare records, and ship chicks all over the world! August is the end of our chick sales season and the month of chick sales that is least understood by our customers.

Each year we take a few orders from customers who order thousands of chicks consistently throughout the season year after year. But we have to be careful not to over-commit chicks for the month of August. We never know if production will begin to dip, as we near the end of the season. We definitely do not want to promise someone thousands of chicks and then call to say, “Sorry, we can’t fulfill the order we promised.”

Instead of promising August chicks, we advertise when we know what we have going on in our hatchery!  We send out emails and post chicks for sale on Facebook. Recently, using this method, we sold 15,000 chicks out of the 25,000 we had available, in two days, and were able to fill the orders we had.

Most importantly, we want you to know that we do have August chicks each year. We take some August orders ahead of times, so if you order lots of chicks throughout the season and want to plan for August chicks, talk to our office staff at 1-800-345-8348. If we are unable to accept an order before August, please watch your email and our Facebook page in late July and early August to take advantage of ordering the late season chicks in August!






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