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It’s Chick Season at MacFarlane Pheasants!

On March 26, 2020 in Chicks by agoble

Online ordering went live in November 2019 so, since our first hatch was March 14, 2020, many customers have already ordered their chicks. But don’t despair. This has been an exceptional chick hatching year so far. We have chicks and we take stand-by orders!


If you go to our web site at and click on prices you can see our price list for chicks and details about chick deliveries. We ship throughout the United States by US Post Office Priority Mail.

We ship chicks to all states.

To ensure timely delivery of orders of 1,000 or more chicks, the post office where they will be delivered will be selected before shipment in cooperation with you.

We provide heat packs in your shipment March - Mid June to ensure your chicks stay warm.

Styrofoam is used inside of every box and on the bottom box of a bundle (stacks of 2 or 3).

Hawaii shipments are the last week of every month and shipping and freight charges are subject to change based on the airlines

We ship pheasant chicks overseas and to Canada. The minimum order is 3000, please call 1-800-345-8348 for a freight quote.

Pheasant chicks & partridge chicks are shipped from March-August.

The total quantity of all chicks taken during the season determines your price.

We only guarantee a 75% accuracy on the sexing of Melanistic Mutant chicks

You can also look at our 2020 Chick Brochure from this location and place your order or stand-by order. When you click on the breed of bird you want and the week you want them you can find out what is available. If the bird and sex of bird you are interested in aren’t available that week, you can ask to be put on a stand-by list. We typically fill stand-by orders. 

The last exciting detail I want you to know about is that by calling our Chick and Egg Sales Account Manager, April Goble, you can ask to be put on the e-blast list where you will find out about periodic price specials on hens and straight runs. You can also get your questions answered by calling her at 608-314-3453 or e-mailing her at [email protected].


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