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Crossing the Border

On September 26, 2009 in General by spope

It was a good week for our pheasant farm. We shipped a lot of pheasants, more than we anticipated going out this week. There were a few bumps in the road. Read More »

Planning for the 2010 Season

On September 22, 2009 in General by spope

After about 3 weeks of dry weather, it rained. The dry weather made it easy to move out 7 week birds to the pens and made it easier for the catching crew to crate shipments, but we really needed the rain. Read More »

Running Our Farm as a Business

On September 18, 2009 in General by spope

I’ve got an issue that, at times, really frustrates me. But I hesitate to write about it because it sounds whiny. But in today’s game bird market conditions – the issue is confronting me so often – I’m writing about it – here goes. Read More »

Our 2010 Pheasant Management Seminar

On September 15, 2009 in General by spope

Today I spent a good part of my day planning for our 2010 Pheasant Management seminar which will be held March 7-10, 2010. This will be our 7th seminar – and we want to make it the best one yet. Read More »

Daily Financial Decisions

On September 14, 2009 in General by spope

Today was another 80+ degree day. We’re shipping out lots of mature birds, and therefore making space (2nd use pens) for late (July) hatched pheasant chicks. Read More »

A Shift in the Pheasant Market

On September 12, 2009 in General by spope

There has been a noticeable shift in our pheasant markets. Here are some of the shifts we see – The very high end preserves seem to be affected the most. Read More »

On our farm we are now planning in earnest for 2010. How many breeders to keep (and how many of each breed), how many chicks to start on the farm – all are decisions we need to make, and soon. Read More »

Expensive Pheasant Feed

On September 8, 2009 in General by spope

We are just trying to figure out how to make running a commercial pheasant farm a profitable enterprise. Demand obviously is down and yet delivery costs, feed costs, virtually all our costs are up. Read More »