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Our 2010 Pheasant Management Seminar

On September 15, 2009 in General by spope

Today I spent a good part of my day planning for our 2010 Pheasant Management seminar which will be held March 7-10, 2010.  This will be our 7th seminar – and we want to make it the best one yet.  I am trying to find new and innovative speakers – to present topics our attendee’s haven’t heard before.  We will still have a few speakers that have been here before make presentations.  But I want new perspectives.  I’ve already got 3 speakers on board that have not presented to our seminar before.  One speaker is from the University of Georgia – he will speak on the trials he has been running to determine efficacy of various coccidiostats.  Another speaker will share his data about effective myco-toxin binders.  I then have an efficiency/management type speaker signed up too.

Most of  the details about which hotel, the restaurants, etc. have been worked out.  We just need to get the word out and get people committed to attend.  Certainly with all we hear about the economy – we wonder if we’ll get a good turnout.  Our trend since the first seminar is that we have more attendee’s every time.  Our 6th seminar in 2008 attracted almost 90 paid participants.  I think if we get those really top end speakers, and then get the word out early – we can top 100 attendees in 2010.


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