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Crossing the Border

On September 26, 2009 in General by spope

 It was a good week for our pheasant farm.  We shipped a lot of pheasants, more than we anticipated going out this week.  There were a few bumps in the road.  On one of our shipments of adult pheasants that crossed the border into Canada, a border crossing veterinarian questioned the number of pheasants we had put into each crate – he expressed concern that we had too many birds in each crate.  Thankfully he allowed the shipment to proceed – and I called call the Vet to talk to him.  He faxed us some regulations, but it appears that there are no reg’s at this point in time that affect us.  I expressed to the Vet when I spoke to him, that it was in our interest if the birds all arrived at the customer alive, as we don’t get paid for DOA’s (dead on arrivals).  He agreed – so I went on to say that I would call him next week to report how many DOA’s there were on the load he questioned.   On that load we had 3,550 pheasants, and there were 3 DOA.  Hopefully when the Vet gets this info, he won’t question us again.  But to be clear, this Vet has the power to turn us back at the border if he decides that is what he wants to do. 

We had a few other bumps, again with shipments.  It is imperative that we communicate well with our customers.  It seems like everyone is under more stress now that before the economic downturn.  I know I feel more stress.

 Next week is moderately busy, but then the week of October 5th is just insane.  We have 6 full goosenecks of pheasants scheduled to depart that week – each load will be 2500+ birds.  We own 4 goosenecks, so two of the loads will be back to back, with the 1st load scheduled early in the week, and then again later in that week.  I am SO looking forward to that week – and I’m serious – because we need to get the birds off the farm when the weather is good.


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