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Daily Financial Decisions

On September 14, 2009 in General by spope

Today was another 80+ degree day.  We’re shipping out lots of mature birds, and therefore making space (2nd use pens) for late (July) hatched pheasant chicks.  We are trying to gauge demand, and it’s just too early to tell.  It’s normal for preserve owners to be stoked this time of year – but since it’s so hot – local preserves are at a stand still.  You read in the paper that the economy is turning around, but we wonder here how long until we see any changes here.

We’re trying to decide what level of protein to feed our hens that will be our laying hens in 2010.  In the past we always fed 20% protein feed to the hens all the way until we put them on layer.  The question was brought up here, why not feed them a 14% ration?  The cost savings would be substantial – there is $60 price differential between 14% and 20% and for the 30,000+ hens we will be keeping – it would amount to $1000/week in savings.   This is just one of many decisions we are trying to make – to turn things around.  

We want to plan on feeding our 2010 breeding hens the absolute best feed we can buy.  What we want is to go back to a strict corn and soy diet – no by-products whatsoever.  We are meeting with our various feed suppliers.  We have decided that feed is the component of breeding that we most need to improve. 

Our seminar for 2010 is shaping up.  I booked 2 more speakers today.  We have placed ads for our seminar in 2 UK publications.  Our office is sending out several thousand post cards stating “save the date” for our March 7th-10th seminar. 

It’s busy here, and that is good.

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