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We have been implementing biosecurity practices for over 31 years at MacFarlane Pheasants. Since 2015 we have had a biosecurity team, who meets once a month, to discuss current issues, biosecurity protocols and changes in protocols due to specific situations or new information. Troy Cisewski is the chairperson. Trudy DeRemer, Rachel Atherton, and Krystal Price are members of the team. Each of them consider biosecurity a major priority. Read More »

Bio-Security on a Pheasant Farm

On November 16, 2009 in Archive by spope

It’s been a few years since Avian Influenza was on the news nearly every day. Now of course it’s swine flu. It’s a tough call to try and decide how tight to make your farm bio-security wise. Many poultry farms are shower in, shower out facilities. Read More »