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The Biosecurity Team on our Game Bird Farm

On March 28, 2017 in General by spope

We have been implementing biosecurity practices for over 31 years at MacFarlane Pheasants. Since 2015 we have had a biosecurity team, who meets once a month, to discuss current issues, biosecurity protocols and changes in protocols due to specific situations or new information. Troy Cisewski is the chairperson. Trudy DeRemer, Rachel Atherton, and Krystal Price are members of the team. Each of them consider biosecurity a major priority.

The major reason biosecurity is such high priority is that the methods and protocols established to keep animals safe from contagious diseases, parasites, and pests are critical to the health of all the birds on our farm. When there was an outbreak of HPAI in the Midwest in the spring of 2015, we increased our biosecurity standards beyond the strict protocols we already had in place. HPAI is Avian Influenza, informally called bird flu. It is a highly contagious disease among birds and if it spreads throughout a farm, it can be quite deadly. This is one of the reasons we decided that a team, who met monthly, was necessary.

Our procedures protect our business. Listed below are just a few of them.

  1. All crew members that peep and move out young pheasants wear cloth uniforms.
  2. Our farm shoes are designated (they never leave the farm).
  3. There are disinfectant trays at every entrance to the barns, office, and break rooms.
  4. We have designated staff who move deceased birds to the composter.
  5. All equipment is washed and disinfected regularly.
  6. Tires on vehicles are sprayed off before vehicles enter all farm locations.
  7. All new employees are trained on biosecurity as they get hired.
  8. All current employees are refreshed once a year on all biosecurity protocols.

Feel free to Contact Chairperson Troy Cisewski at with questions you might have about keeping your game birds healthy.









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