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Bio-Security on a Pheasant Farm

On November 16, 2009 in General by spope

It’s been a few years since Avian Influenza was on the news nearly every day.  Now of course it’s swine flu.  It’s a tough call to try and decide how tight to make your farm bio-security wise.  Many poultry farms are shower in, shower out facilities.  That protocol is somewhat of a moot point for a farm like ours, where the majority of the birds are raised outdoors.  We have a number of protocols we do employ here, the first of which is evident in the sign in the picture.  We have mats outside our both sets of entry doors to our break room, mats that hold a disinfectant solution – and the disinfectant is changed every weekday – religiously.  We certainly monitor any visitors to our farm – restricting access to our farm.  One of the best things we have going for us, is that our breeder farm is a mile away from our production farm and our hatchery is a mile from both the main farm and from the breeder farm; the distance makes cross contamination less likely.   As I ponder the whole bio-security issue – I shudder sometimes as I see a flock of ducks or a flock of geese flying over the farm.  At least with all of our birds in pens, the ducks or geese that are migrating through can’t drop down into our pens.  There are so many aspects to bio-security and we try to cover them all.

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