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Paul Dwyer recently changed positions at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.  Until 2 weeks ago he was the Coordinator of Mature Pheasant Sales. Paul loved talking to customers about their pheasant deliveries. Then, when we needed drivers, Paul stepped up to the challenge. He joined 13 other drivers delivering pheasants all over North America. He was very excited about meeting the customers and seeing their facilities, and he is a real asset in this position because he is familiar with our customers and understands their needs. So for 15 of the last 16 days Paul has been on the road!

Over the past couple of weeks Paul has delivered mature pheasants to South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin. This week he is headed out to both Pennsylvania and South Dakota! This delivery schedule is typical during this time of year and will run through November. During the winter months, deliveries are still made to the southern states. Being a driver involves more than just being on the road, though, and there are many steps prior to the birds leaving the farm.

  • Invoices are developed for customers.
  • Purchases are put into excel worksheets,
  • Crate numbers and vet papers are put together.
  • Pheasant catching and crate packing are done.
  • Loads are planned and combined to be able to give the best price possible.
  • Trucks are loaded in the order they are to be unloaded, which takes a great deal of planning.
  • Delivery plans for drivers and customers are made explicitly clear.

Here are some examples of the quantity of birds that can be in one delivery. We have shipped as many as 4000 Ringneck roosters into Canada, in one load, and as many as 6500 hens out east. We have shipped 7500 Partridges out west at one time. Drivers are carrying our large loads of birds hundreds and hundreds of miles so we pay very close attention to the loading of trucks, preparation for delivery and unloading of the birds.

Paul understands the importance of getting these large loads of healthy birds delivered and unloaded for the customers in a timely manner. He is responsible for unloading the birds and getting crates back into the trucks for the return ride home. This gives him plenty of time to get to know our customers and he told us how much he enjoys this experience. He also mentioned getting a kick out of the puzzled look on other drivers’ faces when he goes by with a huge truckload of pheasants. “They look real puzzled,” he said.

Biosecurity is an important part of the job for delivery drivers. Paul is required to wear a full body suit while at another facility. He wears boots that are never worn on our own farm and booties over them. Disinfectant spray is used on the inside of the truck after the delivery is made and the body suit worn is placed in an enclosed bag. Paul then heads out to shower and change before heading back to MacFarlane Pheasants. Trucks, Crates and drivers are completely disinfected before returning to the farm.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Paul. We hope you continue to enjoy this important aspect of our business!



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