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MacFarlane Pheasants’ "Pure Pheasant” Division Is Growing!

On March 15, 2022 in General by spope

Bill MacFarland

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. started the Pure Pheasant Division in 2020. We wanted to find another way to sell our dressed pheasant since most of the restaurants and cruise lines were shut down due to Covid19! We did not want that meat to go to waste. I'm sure that sounds like an unusual approach to a Covid problem, but we are problem solvers at MacFarlane Pheasants! We talked about ways to use our product, and through various conversations among ourselves and our many pet owners, we decided to offer a line of all-natural, freeze-dried pheasant treats and raw pheasant meat for pets. Pheasant meat is low in fat and high in phosphorous and manganese. It supports strong bone growth and healing. We all want our own dogs to be strong and healthy at MacFarlane Pheasants, so we made a business plan to use our quality products to provide healthy treats for animals. Voilà, Pure Pheasants was born! We prepare all our products on-site in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The first products we sold in 2020 were two-ounce packages of freeze-dried hearts and livers, necks, feet, and heads. We sold a five-pound chub of our raw prey diet and a four-pound package of raw patties. We later added freeze-dried eggs and breast meat. Once people discovered our products, sales increased substantially!

Let's fast forward to 2022. We now carry one and five-pound packages of raw heads, feet, and necks. We also have one and two-pound containers of raw hearts and livers, and breast meat. Please visit Pure Pheasant to see our current products and prices.

We asked our customers why they love Pure Pheasant products for their animals and here are just a few of their responses:

My first time to order from this company, and they were amazing. My little Yorkies loved the freeze dried pheasant necks. Will be ordering more from them.
- Pat Downing
The dogs loved it!
We ordered a variety of the freeze-dried products, and my dogs loved all of them. Excellent quality, fast shipping and an affordable treat. Elizabeth Altmann
We love these!!!
We love the fact that these come from a small farm in Wisconsin! We are in Illinois, so they are close by. I also love giving minimal ingredient treats, due to my dog's allergies. He really loves these!!!
- Kelsey Kozikowski

MacFarlane Pheasants Pure Pheasant business is continuing to grow because once our customers feed their pets our products, they keep coming back to order more! April heads our Pure Pheasant department and would be glad to answer any questions you have about Pure Pheasantproducts.

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