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It has been a wet Wisconsin spring, to say the least. We’re only two-thirds of the way through June and already we’ve received our monthly average of rain in full. Read More »

Wanted: Rain!

On May 25, 2012 in General by spope

It’s been nearly a month since we’ve had any significant rainfall here. Our pheasant pens are built on quite sandy soil which means that our ground dries out more quickly than heavier soil. Read More »

Over the past six weeks, we have experienced a more significant drought that we have seen in years. Read More »

We Need Rain

On July 5, 2011 in General by spope

It hasn’t rained here for about 10 days, and the temperature has been over 80 degrees every day too. Read More »

Rain, Rain, Rain (go away!!!)

On October 26, 2009 in General by spope

I just stepped outside my office and took this dreary pic. Read More »

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