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Rain, Rain, Rain (go away!!!)

On October 26, 2009 in General by spope

I just stepped outside my office and took this dreary pic.

October has been one of the wettest times here I can recall.  The continual rain has made life difficult for my staff – catching grown pheasants and partridges in the rain aren’t much fun.  Despite all our efforts to add dry bedding to the crates – we still had a few deliveries with a couple of crates of birds with their tails tied together last week.  We have 20,000 of our various last hatch pheasants waiting to get moved outside.  With the wet weather, coupled with one of the coldest Octobers on record for southern Wisconsin, my staff has been hesitant to move the last birds outside.  But I hear in the break room that tomorrow (Tuesday October 27th) is the big day and that they are moving all 20,000 out to the pens.

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