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On June 17, 2010 in General by spope

Because of the damage from the December 9th snowstorm, we are replacing over 30 acres of netting this summer.  The new nets have been arriving and they are being installed about as quickly as they get here.  Pen #12 at our Noss farm is an 11 acre pen and Shayne Noller and his crew have been installing new netting on the west half of #12 this week.  The nets are 80’ X 240’ – or about ½ an acre each – these nets are unrolled, pulled and tacked into place.  Then Shayne’s crew, using automatic hand ringers, are seaming the net the full length (240’) ringing every hole (2” mesh) to the adjoining net.  The new nets have very few flaws and appear to be well made.  As each pen nears completion, there is a sense of closure regarding the events of 6 months ago.

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