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Our Seminar Is Now Behind Us

On March 14, 2012 in General by spope

Our 2012 seminar is over. Life at the farm is slowly returning to normal. The week before the seminar became a whirlwind of activity at the farm with last minute preparations, cleaning, and planning. Once the group from the U.K. arrived on March 3rd, life became a blur. I can say clearly that this 8th seminar was the smoothest seminar we’ve had – really no glitches or hiccups whatsoever. One of the best things about this seminar for me was that the farm employees bought into what we were trying to do. I felt there was so much cooperation from our staff. In past years at times I felt like the seminar was perceived as “Bill’s seminar” and the week of the seminar was an intrusion into what our employees needed to get done. This past week I saw so much enthusiasm from everyone that works with us at the farm – it was great.
I know from the many comments I heard from the attendees that people were happy with the content of the seminar and the concept (eating meals together, 1/2 day of classroom style coupled with a 1/2 day of tours or labs). We met so many cool people.
Dori took the week off from school and that was awesome for me, as she could attend the seminar and be at all the meals, and go to Chicago with me with the U.K. (and French) attendees.
When Dori and I got back from Chicago Friday night, I just crashed. In the past it’s taken me a few months before I could state that I wanted to have another seminar, but I can say right now that the 9th seminar will happen. Thanks to all of you that helped with the implementation of the seminar (not only our staff but the restaurants and the hotel staff too) and thanks to all of you who took nearly a week out of your lives to attend and participate in our seminar.

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