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On September 24, 2013 in General by spope

Every other year MacFarlane Pheasants hosts a 3-day seminar on Pheasant Managing where they invite speakers to come and share their knowledge with the attendees. It began as a one-time event in 1998 and has reoccurred every other year since. The ninth seminar event will be held in March of 2014 ( So what does it take to put on an event like this? Here are a few pointers and explanations on how planning our seminar works.

After choosing the date and booking the venue, the seminars topics have to be picked and the speakers need to be requested. There are several different ways we go about deciding the information we share. Primarily, we ask professors and Professionals in the gamebird industry for suggestions on new speakers or research that would be good to include and we take a survey at the end of each seminar to find out what our attendees really want to hear about. The speakers range from our own employees to experts from around the world.
Seminar pic 2012We of course make many accommodations for speakers and attendees. Suggestions for places to stay, organized transport, and arranged restaurant meals are some of the benefits. With these amenities comes more planning of course. There are vans to rent, drivers to find, and restaurants to be booked. Along with the basics of transportation and dining we provide a comprehensive look at the seminars in a proceedings binder for each person. These are helpful as not only do people come from out of town to experience and learn at this event, but often they come from out of the country as well.

We also like to show our fellow gamebird, enthusiasts not just talk. In addition to the many informational seminars we provide, we like to give a tour of our facilities. As there are many people who are both interested in and learning about what we do, we like to put our best face on for this. A lot of care and planning goes into this time as all employees need to be informed and times need to be coordinated. Many of our attendees have found this beneficial and we enjoy sharing with them.

MacFarlane Pheasants’ seminar takes a lot of work to put in motion and is a lot to organize, but the shared benefits that we get and can give to our attendees is well worth the effort.

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