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MacFarlane’s Milton Farm 2017-2018

On February 8, 2018 in Archive by spope

Management changes took place at the Milton Farm in late summer. Brian Check left the Milton Farm to become the farm manager at the Janesville Farm and Brian’s assistant, Matt Welsh became the Milton farm manager. Changes like this give employees opportunities for continuing growth and development. We think that is a winning combination for job satisfaction and productivity! 

The Milton Crew, lead by Matt Welsh, was running with three crew members until January. Now, only two staff members are keeping the farm in operation. Three of our South African guest workers had been working at the Milton Farm, but we wished them a fond farewell, as they returned to their homes, this month. 

During the winter months on the Milton Farm, crew members are caring for, roughly, 10,000 adult pheasants. 

Until just a couple days ago we have had plenty of cold weather in the Milton area, but very little snow. (We got about three inches of snow on the 23rd of January.) That meant that most days this winter, the birds have been watered daily, using the tractor and water tank. Once the water would freeze, the crew also had to break the ice from the pans before watering. 

The rest of their time involved feeding the birds, vacuuming excess feed, setting rat baits, and breaking down pens that were no longer in use. This continuing process includes cleaning and sanitizing all equipment, in preparation for spring set-up, our busiest time of year.



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