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On September 3, 2009 in General by spope

We are finally really getting going shipping birds.  It’s tough to know if we are making any money doing it though.  I am so perplexed – feed prices are still $80 to $100 more a ton than we paid 2 years ago – yet commodity prices are (from what I see) only a little higher than they were 2 years ago.  Who is making the money?  We’ve had such a time this year getting good feed.  Because of all the ethanol plants – there are tons and tons of ethanol production by-products on the market.  I don’t think any of the ethanol by-products are good ingredients for pheasant feed.  Pheasants aren’t domesticated like many other farm animals – and pheasants don’t tolerate even moderate levels of mycotoxins in their feed.   With the economy where it’s at – discretionary spending is limited.  Obviously pheasant hunting is discretionary (though I’m sure some hunters don’t think so) – the result of all this is we aren’t in a position to raise our prices right now (because demand is down).  Yet though we can’t raise our prices – our input costs are way up.  There is going to be a thinning of the ranks of pheasant farmers.


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