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On March 3, 2011 in General by spope

This morning our production manager, Chris Theisen took a delivery of live pheasants to a farm near Mishicot, Wisconsin. Chris took the delivery because he was going to speak to the manager there about their plans for a new mature pheasant holding facility for next season.

As Chris was driving, a deer appeared on the side of the road. Chris reported that he swerved to avoid the deer, but the deer attempted to jump over the truck. As you can see from the picture – the deer didn’t quite jump high enough. I talked to Chris shortly after the accident occurred (on the phone) and though he sounded more shook up than I can recall, Chris didn’t get hurt.

Chris told me that shortly before impact he closed his eyes and that at impact, he was showered with glass and deer hair. Obviously the deer was killed. This is just part of living (and driving) in Wisconsin.

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