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On June 2, 2015 in General by spope

We are constantly rotating birds out of barns, and chicks into those barns to then be transitioned to the outdoors. Everything has to be cleaned, washed, dried, disinfected and then sprayed down to prevent bacteria problems.

Food pans, as well as food and water delivery systems, are cleaned; heating systems are cleaned, and fans and light traps have to be dusted and cleaned.

The barn area, after the old bedding is removed, is swept, and then pressure washed from ceiling to floor. We foam a layer of acidic soap into the barn and feeding areas to make sure all of the debris and bird feces is removed. The water is pushed to the center drains and the area air dries without rinsing.

Then the room is foamed with a disinfectant called Virocid and the solution is allowed to air dry. The room is then set up. Bedding is brought in, and the heaters are set up and started. We then fog the area with a pulse fogger, and the final disinfect settles in a thin film on the area, killing any bacteria that may have been missed.

The boot room, or entry room for the barn, is also cleaned and disinfected and we do this each time birds are moved from one room to another.

We have found that following this protocol eliminates problems associated with bacteria and the growth of organisms that can harm the birds. Read more about our specific protocols online at









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