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On April 25, 2017 in Mature Birds by spope

Our game birds are cool because they are beautiful and healthy!  But, in addition to being cool, we have to keep them cool. One of the ways we keep them comfortable is by using fans and intakes to move and refresh the stagnant air in our barns. This is one of the many ways we create a healthy and productive growing environment.

Every room/barn has at least one fan and intake and most have more. The fan exhausts the hot and stale air from the barn and the intake brings in clean fresh air.

Inside the hen barn, most of the rooms have a fan that is set on the second stage and is connected to an intake. When the barn reaches a certain temperature (usually 5 degrees higher than the target temperature) the fan will turn on and the intake will open. The fresh air is usually cooler and will bring the temperature down.

If the air is hotter outside, the intake will be bringing in the hotter air, but it will be fresh and moving air. Game Birds, like people, appreciate moving air when its hot!  Rooms with older birds typically have the intake on the same fan as the timer to always bring in fresh air when the timed fan runs. The intake is best located on the opposite wall as the fan, allowing  a cross flow of air to sweep across the birds.

Like any piece of mechanical equipment in our barns, the fans and intakes have to be checked daily and maintained regularly. Managers of each department are responsible for their own fans and intakes. They are checked daily, in warm weather, by moving the temperature dial of each fan and intake to force them to kick on. Any problems are immediately reported to our maintenance department.

If you need more information about fans and intakes in game bird barns, we invite you to contact us. We would be happy to help.


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