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How Does MacFarlane Pheasants Keep Game Birds And Facilities Secure?


The pheasants and other game birds we raise are an important asset to our farm.  Virtually all of our expenses are related to their care and protection! Locking all our facilities and flight pens daily gives us peace of mind at the end of the day.

Importance of Locking Gates and Doors

  • Protection from human and animal predators trying to get into barns, pens, or buildings.

  • Barn doors, pens, or gates can blow open, birds can escape, or brooder barns can chill, causing brooders to run constantly.

  • Access is limited from people that shouldn’t be there, going into buildings. This is, among other concerns, a biosecurity problem.

  • Locked doors protect expensive equipment in case of attempted break-ins.

Employee Responsibilities

  • Pheasant barns are locked in the afternoon before employees leave.

  • Employees must verify that garage doors are secured and latched.

  • The door into the break room is secure.

  • The door to the outside is closed and locked.

  • Flight pens are checked both morning and afternoon, and the locked gate is verified. The only time these pens are unlocked is when someone is working in the pens.

  • These steps are repeated for a night check. We have a night check person who comes after ten and checks all buildings and main gates to the farm to insure everything is secured. If something is not secure, it is noted on the checklist.

  • We also have security cameras positioned throughout the farm and the main office.

We are thankful to have a good plan to protect our business and are thankful for dedicated employees who secure our game birds and facilities.

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