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MacFarlane Pheasants’ Office Staff Team-Up to Serve Our Customers

On July 16, 2021 in General by spope

MacFarlane Pheasants, established in 1929, has been through several management styles in all aspects of the business, but teamwork has always been the essential element to success.  We are proud of the style of management in our office. Each person has responsibilities to a specific area, but all staff members stay knowledgeable about each other’s job responsibilities. If any person is out of the office, you can depend on another team member to keep the business flowing smoothly.

Our Office Staff is:

Sarah Pope: Director of Operations

Sarah Baker: Office Manager/Mature Sales Account Manager

April Goble: Chick and Egg Sales Account Manager, Pet Food Sales Account Manager

Karina Haas: Food Products Account Manager

Lexi Walters: Part-time Receptionist

Kyleigh White: Administrative Assistant


“Lexi may be our receptionist, but we all answer the phone. We are all a team. We need to know what is going on in other departments to provide the best possible customer service.” Sarah Baker explained how the office staff depends on one another, “We never like to miss a beat when someone is out of the office, so we all try to work together to make that possible. During our busy seasons, in each department, we step in to help each other.”

Here are some of the areas where we all pitch in:


Chick season is March through Mid-August: We all take orders and help where we can.

Mature bird season is September through Mid-March: April is the main helper to Sarah Baker, but anyone in the office can set up a pick-up order.

Food Products work year-round, but the gift pack sales accelerate from November through January. We all take orders over the phone and get them entered into the system.


Working together creates a good work atmosphere and helps with any pressure that one person might be feeling. Teamwork flows in the office at MacFarlane Pheasants because we are doing our best to make sure we are meeting our customers’ needs.

office staff at MacFarlane

(pictured from right to left: Sarah Pope, April Goble, Sarah Baker, Karina Haas, Lexi Walters, & Kyleigh White)

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