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Hoping for No Early Snowfalls in South Dakota

On October 8, 2009 in General by spope

It’s been rainy here all week, but the birds are still going out strong.  We are shipping 5 full goosenecks of pheasants this week!  I just spoke to 2 pheasant producer friends of mine that are both located in South Dakota.  They report that wild bird numbers are down in South Dakota from what was expected and therefore bird sales are good.  All I can do is hope for open cool weather til December 1st.   South Dakota can have such a huge impact on pheasant sales – if hunter numbers are up in South Dakota and there aren’t any significant snowfalls before December 1st, South Dakota can pull mature pheasants from pheasant farms from as far away as 600 miles.  On the other hand if there is a early November heavy snowfall in South Dakota – and if wild bird numbers are strong or if there is a reduction in hunter numbers – there can be a significant number of extra pheasants on pheasant farms – that can produce a glut in the market.

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