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MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. Renews Lease on 19 Acres in South Dakota

On February 28, 2017 in Mature Birds by spope

We currently lease 19 acres of  flight pens, in Miller, South Dakota. You can read about flight pens on our blog site. If you do, you will realize that it requires both time and money to build pens. An advantage to the property we lease is that the flight pens were there when we rented the land. Miller is a proud and beautiful agricultural community where we began raising 7 week old pheasants to maturity, last year.

The birds are shipped to South Dakota from our Janesville, Wisconsin farm. This satellite farm proved to be very productive and we recently renewed our lease for five years. The farm is an excellent location for birds that we can ship into Canada, if needed.

We raised 35,000 birds in South Dakota, last year, and expect to raise the same number this coming year. An employee lives on site and takes care of the birds all summer. We hire local help when needed and in the fall, we send a crew out to the farm to catch and deliver the mature pheasants.

The decision to extend our lease in South Dakota is a sound business decision that provides advantages for our customers. Partnerships with other communities in North America allow us to provide greater economic security for both parties. Please contact Chris at if you have questions about our satellite farm in South Dakota.


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