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Keeping Our Property Mowed and Protected with our Bad Boy Mower


Mowing and trimming our property at MacFarlane Pheasants adds to the beauty of our property, but it isn’t the only reason we need a great mower. We hire two people to mow 40 hours a week because when you are dealing with as much land as we have and have game birds to protect, it takes a great deal of time. We have bothersome pests that would like nothing more than to sneak into our pens and barns through tall grasses!

The predators that we must be concerned about include raccoons, foxes, rats, wolves, skunks, cats, dogs, red-tailed hawks, and turkey vultures. These ground dwelling predators are attracted to our birds. We do everything possible to keep these predators away from our property. Mowing around pens and barns is a beneficial deterrent. Keeping our property trimmed up also keeps insects, such as mites, away. Mites can contribute to health issues with our game birds.

We chose a Bad Boy ZT Elite Mower because it was well within our price range and readily available at Tractor Supply Company in Stoughton, Wisconsin. This mower has additions like newly styled tanks, new cooler and rear covers, and new pulley covers to keep us riding in style. The seat has a high back and is very comfortable, so riding this mower for 40 hours a week is a breeze. The Bad Boy is a zero-turn mower that helps us to mow more efficiently around trees and fences. Speed and maneuverability are a real advantage for the mowing we have to do at MacFarlane Pheasants.

As you drive by our property, you will likely see our Bad Boy Mower at work. We are so proud of our Game Farm, and we hope you enjoy the view!

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